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The Reef is the link between industry and academia. It is a dynamic ecosystem that promotes networking and collaboration.

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Become part of The Reef's ecosystem and help shape the training of the future within the blue energy sector.  Partners will have access to a range of benefits that will help improve the competence of their professionals. Become a partner and actively participate in building a sustainable training offer so that future employees can start working with the right skills.

Benefits of a partnership

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Use The Reef

Use The Reef's infrastructure for in-house training, demos or product presentations.​


We give partners the necessary visibility within The Reef, both offline and online.


Get employees to attend induction training at The Reef for free. Get a voice in the training of the future.​


Get access to a network of thousands of students who can contribute to the growth and sustainability of your operations.


Get access to special partner events that encourage knowledge exchange, collaborations and innovation.​


Work with the 4 consortium partners to drive innovation and find solutions to industry challenges.

Our partners

These partners boost training and education at The Reef:

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