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Our facilities are specially designed to provide you with a stimulating environment in which to experiment, learn and grow. Find out what to expect in our inspiring learning environment here. 

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VR Cave

 Our VR cave is a state-of-the-art projection room where you can explore a virtual reality with others. With projections on three walls and stereo 3D technology with head tracking, you can fully immerse yourself in a virtual world. This collective learning experience is perfect for understanding complex offshore scenarios and team training.

Control room

The control room consists of an imposing wall of six screens, each controlled with extreme precision by three powerful computers. This creates an immersive visual environment where you can navigate and react to real scenarios in real-time. As a company, you also have the possibility of integrating your own specialised software to provide your own in-company training courses 


Enter our VR play zone where situations at sea are recreated using state-of-the-art VR sets. One or two participants enter a digtal world where they can learn competences such as safety or communication. The VR images can be projected on an interactive screen allowing others to watch and think along. This promotes cooperation and interactivity among all participants when solving challenges at sea.


At The Reef, we understand the value of deep data analysis and complex calculations. That's why we offer a computationally powerful HCI cluster that allows you to compute the most complex models. Dive into big data, data processing and data analytics with the support of powerful technology.

360° camera

With our 360° camera, we can generate a virtual video that makes you feel like you are in the middle of the shot. By using different lenses, the camera builds a full image of the environment. The camera also allows The Reef to create its own footage that is usable in VR..


With our NavVis SLAM scanner, you can create highly accurate 3D models. By walking around with the mobile scanner, a room can be imaged in great detail. Using the 3D SLAM scanner, 3D models of wind turbines or ships with a high level or detail can be produced in a fast way.


The Reef is located in the bustling incubator Bluebridge on the Ostend Science Park. Bluebridge not only provides an ideal setting for our training lab, but also the opportunity to rent meeting rooms and spaces for events. Whether you want to organise a brainstorming session, presentation or strategic meeting, the spaces are flexible and adaptable to your needs. The close collaboration between The Reef and Bluebridge is an additional asset that sets us apart. Thanks to this synergy, we can offer a total package that meets all your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for options and prices.

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